Frequently Asked Questions

If I want a robotics party, how do I choose between Basic or  Robo Challenge?

Our Basic Robotics party is best for 7- to 9-year-olds, though plenty of 10- to 11-year-olds enjoy it too. 

If your child is 10 years or older and/or several guests have already participated in our basic Lego Robotics or parties, consider our Robo Challenge party.

Where will the party take place?

In your home or at a public venue you rent, as long as your home or venue are within a one-hour drive of Hutchinson.  Distance charges apply for venues that are more than a 30-minute drive from Hutchinson.

If you would like to host the party outside of your home, consider renting a residential clubhouse/ community center, or a community center from your local parks & rec department.

How long is the party?

Our part of your Basic Robotics party runs 75 minutes (90 minutes for Robo Challenge parties) including 5 minutes for clean-up, which involves properly shutting down netbooks and stowing all our Lego pieces.

How much time do you need to set up and clean up?

Setup is simple: Before a Basic Robotics or Robo Challenge party starts, we will need about 5 minutes to unpack our netbooks and Lego robotics kits, ideally while you are entertaining your guests in another room.  After our activity ends, we need the participants to stow their parts. Please give us ten minutes to pack our equipment before setting out food near our equipment.

What am I expected to provide?

Adequate table (or floor) space. Table must be clear of all items, especially food! You should be able to put one seat around a table for each participating child. So for 12 children, you should be able to fit 12 adult seats comfortably around the table/s you plan to use. This ensures that each pair of children has enough room to work comfortably with our netbooks and Lego robotics kits. If you’re short of table space, a coffee table will usually accommodate two children. 

Access to an outlet – for those rare times when our netbooks run out of battery power. We provide our own power strips and extension cords.

What’s not included?

Our party fees do not include distance charges (if applicable), party venue, invitations, decorations, cake, or goody bags, etc. – but you’d probably rather do those anyway!   

Repeat: we do not provide any take-homes. We have to take all of our Legos with us so kids in other parties and classes will have the pieces they need to build their robots.

Basic Robotics Birthday Party (Grades 2nd-5th)

75 minutes for $200 (up to 12 guests)

Kids love Lego robotics! We’ll bring all the equipment your guests need to build and program robots, including some that can compete against each other!   We will help you choose your theme.  We’ll be working with Lego Education’s award-winning robotics kits and drag-and-drop WeDo™ software. Even 7-year-olds can write programs with it after half an hour with us. 

We’ll spend the first 20-30 minutes following on-screen instructions to build our robots with actual Lego pieces from our robotics kits. Then our instructor will teach your guests about programming, and how to write simple programs using Lego Education’s drag-and-drop software. Depending on how quickly your guests build and program, they will have 20 to 30 minutes left to play with the robots after programming! Some kids will be happy to play with them as they are; other will want to improvise on the design or the program to make their robots do different things. Either way, they’ll have a blast!

 For complete details on what we provide and what to expect, please read our birthday party FAQ.

Robo Challenge (intermediate Lego Robotics) birthday party for up to 10 guests, grades 3 to 5.

Ninety minutes. $235 for up to 10 guests including birthday child

Expecting a fair amount of guests who’ve already taken our Lego Robotics class? Here’s something new for them. In ninety minutes, our instructor will help your party-goers design and program a robotic Lego machine that can accomplish a certain task. 

For complete details on what we provide and what to expect, please read our birthday party FAQ.


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