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Hutchinson, KS 67502, USA

HALF DAY CAMP & Full Day Camps

Working in teams, campers will use LEGO® WeDo 2.0 robotics kits and Ipad mini2s to explore a variety of building designs and programming.  We have added OZOBOTS to the camp experience!  Ozobot is a tiny robot, measuring 1 inch in height and diameter. It has a photo sensor array which enables it to recognize patterns, lights, colors, and codes through color sensing technology.   This is an excellent camp for those students who want an introduction to robotics and coding!  If your child has attended previous camp sessions, we will have new and updated modules for them to build, program, and explore!

*Camps are limited to 22 students per session

WeDo 2 @Lego Robotics, Ozobots, Marble Runs


​Entering Grades 2nd-6th

Location:                                         Dates:                                                                Session:   

Friends University                         June 10-13th                                                   9:00- 3:00pm 

​2100 W. University AVE.                                                                             **    Sack Lunch is required

Wichita, KS                                       COST:  $200.00

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Summer Camps

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Location :                                    Dates:                                                     Session :

McPherson                                  June 10-13th                                         9:00-12:00PM

​                                                       COST:  125.00

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Location:                                            Dates:                                                          Session :

Hutchinson Community College     June 24-27th                                                9:00-2:00PM

1300 North Plum Street

Hutchinson , KS                                 COST:  $175.00                                   ** Sack Lunch is required